from our friends at Eternal Forest:

Eternal Forest Conversation with Kari Krogh

20 October 18.00 WEST / Western European Summer Time


A practice of plant meditation, a heart-connection river practice, an earth-based movement prayer and a contemplative photography activity.

We can experience wholeness and wellness when we live in a manner that honours our reciprocal relationship with the natural world. In this Eternal Forest Conversation program, participants will be guided in meditative, contemplative, and creative practices that support a deepening relationship with nature while recognizing our place within it. These “still-point moments” may offer emotional and physical healing as well as insight and the resiliency required to live with a commitment to conservation.

Kari will weave opportunities for individual practice into the telling of her personal story, a story that begins with her life as an academic health researcher and moves to one of acquiring a severe disability that required her use of a wheelchair for years. Kari will guide you in practices that she has used to become receptive to deep listening and healing in nature. She will share photos and a video clip from the beautiful landscapes of the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve, located on the traditional territory of the Algonquin (Anishinaabe) Peoples, where she lives gently upon the earth with reverence and gratitude.

We will have a chance to share an insight or highlight within small groups before engaging in a brief Q & A session. We will conclude with a cedar tea ceremony to honour the earth.

Participants are invited to bring a houseplant to the program as well as a thermos of herbal tea for the concluding ritual. There will be an opportunity to enter into a green space (indoors with houseplants, stones and shells or outdoors in a backyard or on a patio) for a 10-15 min nature-connection practice.