from The Woodland Presents:


Join a task force, and inquiry, to change the story for Britain’s trees and forests.

Our society has known we need to plant trees and create forests for a long time. We know that we need better care for what we have already… yet our attempts to respond to this predicament have been inadequate.

Where are the sticking points? What’s holding us back? Where are the openings around us that we can opportunistically use, to enable a new forest paradigm?

We’re assembling those who can take a fresh look, and are prepared to stretch one another to break new ground and create new paths that others may also walk and develop. 

This is what radicalising our approach entails. Diverse ranges of people who are not afraid of enriching our current thinking and action.

This has never happened before. There are no guarantees of what will happen, but deep, rich learning and change is on offer. 

The inquiry launches next week via our Tree Radicals podcast. We also begin assembling the team that will take this work into the future.

Change our course. Become a Tree Radical. 

More details coming. 

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