from our friends at Singing Apple Press:



Six hour-long radio essays that weave poetry, nonfiction, theory, soundart and performance together in a shamanistic effort to become other (fungus, plant, insect, bird and animal) in order to better become our selves.

As government responses to coronavirus shuts human activity down, the rest of the world thrives. Unmown verges flower and seed, animals move into urban centres, air and water clears, bird and fish populations recover. Each episode suggests a more sustainable way of becoming human, inspired by what it means to be fungus, insect, plant, bird and animal, respectively. Might the incorporation of these other-than human strategies help us better work with rather than against the rest of life on earth and help mitigate climate crisis?

CALLING ALL FUNGUS-LOVERS! If you have thinking, writing, soundwork, poetry or performance relating to fungus that you’d like to share on the radio or know of interesting work I should include, please let me know. I would love to include your newest ground-breaking work on the subject. Send your work, links or ideas to by Weds 10th June#becomingfungus

Rolling call to send related work:
Becoming Plant    – 1st July  #becomingplant 
Becoming Insect   – 1st Aug #becominginsect
Becoming Bird      – 1st Sep #becomingbird
Becoming Animal – 1st Oct #becominganimal