Bob Budd is a Devon artist who works internationally as a sculptor and has done numerous things with He’s an occasional visitor to First Friday which he uses as an excuse to buy Battenberg and Mini-rolls. Which always get eaten…can’t say we’re not a healthy lot.

The first work is the rebuild of my garden shed build, an ongoing project which gets done in fits and bursts, as and when.

Most often used as storage space or workshop space. I have plenty of time to move it onwards again at the moment, since

project work has been postponed/cancelled. Just been doing some stuff around the base outside, and planting some flowers and herbs just to cheer it up. The roof garden is a job in itself. But it’s really nice sitting up there as there’s a great view.

When I was thinking it up, I kept looking at the work of the German architect Thomas Spiegelhalter. Some of his buildings look like they could be (or made to look as if they were) sort of falling apart. I think my build just falls apart anyway. I’ve used a lot of sticky plasters. 

The second project is a design – the image of sky wrapped around rolling pin, sitting on the surface of a small lake (or appearing to). If things had gone to plan, I would have started this work in June. Now it’s been postponed till 2021. Near Renn/Brittany in France.