Exhibition title: “Art. Peace. Sustainability“

Brief: Following the success of previous years, we are delighted to announce the annual public festival ‘The Long Nights of Interculturality’, under the Austrian Commission for UNESCO patronage, that celebrates the rich history of cultures, creativity, and art. During the seven-day virtual festival, we will open an intercultural dialogue on ‘Sustainability and Cultural Diversity’ through vast array of activities, including panel discussions, virtual tours, social media campaigns, music and dance performances as social media challenges, documentaries, ‘Voices of the Change’ featuring activists from around the world.

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To be submitted to info@icdo.at by August 6th 2021 (the art pieces to be exhibited will be chosen by ICDO Art Committee after submission)

● Artist Information
○ Name, Date of Birth, Nationality/Ethnicity (which you identify with), Email, Title of

the Artwork, Year Painted, Technique Used.

  • ●  Digital Photographs of work in good quality and proper lighting

  • ●  Art Piece Information

    • ○  Title

    • ○  Size (Width x Height)

    • ○  Medium (example: works on canvas or paper)

  • ●  Accepted formats: painting, photography (color), collages, illustrations

  • ●  In regards to submitting sculptures and installations, an artist must provide a 3D in order

    for the piece to be accepted.

  • ●  Written concepts from the artists

  • ●  Description: In 1 to 2 paragraphs, please describe your personal and artistic approach in

    relation to sustainability and cultural diversity. We encourage the descriptions to not only be literal translations of your work, but also with a conceptual, philosophical, or theoretical overview.

  • ●  Some guiding questions in describing your concept:



August 6 – see full brief for details


About ICDO

ICDO is an NGO based in Vienna, Austria, with social development projects worldwide. The mission and goal of the International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) is the promotion of cultural diversity, inclusivity, interculturalism, human rights, as well as raising awareness of different cultural expressions and their values with the aim of fostering cultural interaction in order to bring people together and bridge cultural gaps. In addition, ICDO acts, promotes and conserves biodiversity, environment, and sustainability for the wellbeing of humanity.