Climate Change Awareness at GLAM 

By Selva Ozelli


A  freely available guide authored by Henry McGhie, the founder of Curating Tomorrow and  Co-Founder of Museums for Climate Action, for galleries, libraries, archives and museums (‘GLAM) was published  by Curating Tomorrow at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) (Nov 1-12).  This guide is empowering everyone who works in galleries, libraries, archives and museums to connect their work to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and to use them as they are intended to be used.


Alongside UNFCC[1], the  guide supports GLAM to contribute to sustainable development by:

  • empowering everyone who makes use of galleries, libraries, archives and museums to take part in sustainable development and the SDGs;
  • directing existing and new actions towards the SDGs, by embedding them in policies and plans, and removing trade-offs and any activity that impedes sustainable development;
  • focusing on real results that help achieve the SDGs and a better future;
  • fostering a culture of transparency, that directs activity towards sustainable development, and reports and communicates progress, and challenges, open and honestly to a wide range of stakeholders;
  • working effectively with others, including other GLAM, GLAM networks, external partners, NGOs, community groups, and people as individuals;
  • strengthening coherence, including vertical coherence for participation, planning and reporting purposes, and horizontal coherence between individuals, departments, GLAM, and with other sectors, to align GLAM activity to support sustainable development more effectively.[2]


During World Science Week (Nov 7-14)  Henry McGhie is  presenting this guide at the 48th The International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and Technology (CIMUSET) Conference (Nov 7-11) to address our planet’s environmental concerns and how Science and Technology museums can approach and present this important issue via education and exhibitions.

CIMUSET, is an International Council of Museums (ICOM) committee composed of museum professionals from the fields of science and technology.

The Conference is  held at the Iranian National Museum of Science and Technology (INMOST) with a theme of “museums and environmental concerns, new insights.” INMOST as a developing academic center will be host to a diverse group to share their interests in science, museums, and the environment enabling new connections between practitioners and researchers across national and cultural boundaries.  A total of 34 approved papers from different countries (Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Denmark, Brazil, India, Turkey, USA, Germany) will be presented based on the conference themes.  Conference attendees will  discuss how Science and Technology museums can address the climate emergency issue and emergent crises (COVI|D-19)  via education and exhibitions.   You may find the conference schedule here: (I included the PDF File in my email).

Please find may find my  World Science Week  art show 1 & art show 2.         at Science Foundation Ireland, and my art shows at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26)  as well as the  CIMUSET CONFERENCE And please find my interviews with Henry McGhie an CIMUSET’s Prof. Zahra Ojagh at Art Edition 5.[3]