from our good friend Phil Smith and Triarchy Press:

Do you ever feel you live in a world where other people see your online presence as being more important than your physical one?

Do you ever have the sense that your deepest fears, loves or aspirations… even your dreams… are not safe from online algorithms and advertising?

Instead of delivering up your psyche wholesale to online retailers and information moguls, Covert: A Handbook suggests a way to resist this invasion.

Using 30 carefully crafted ‘movement meditations’ – each with an accompanying photo to explain it – Covert outlines a straightforward, embodied practice that we can use to defend and preserve ourselves in the everyday world.

The Covert practice is a way to diminish the lure of the screens, sidestep invasive scrutiny, and nurture the dialogue between our conscious and unconscious selves.

By prioritizing introspective interactions with the quirky and complex world around us, Covert shows that we have the
means to cultivate our interior and imaginative selves through a dynamic, physical engagement with the wider world.

Publication: January 2021
List Price: £12.50 
Format: ~ Paperback – 110pp
Size: 14 x 21.6 cm
ISBN: 978-1-913743-15-4
Tags: somatics; movement; movement meditation; walking arts; embodiment
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