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30mar19:1019:20Anna BorzelloLondon, UK19:10 - 19:20(GMT+01:00) View in my timeEvent Type :High Water Programme

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I have been mudlarking the Thames foreshore (mainly in London) for the last six years and sharing the photos and background of my finds on Instagram @foreshoreseashore. I go out about ten times in every month (that’s the low tides on two tide cycles) and my life is ruled by the tides – even when looking for a time slot for this event, my first stop was to check my tide table – I can’t speak until 13 BST because I don’t want to miss the very low low that day!  

I have a large display of my finds in my kitchen (I designed the kitchen around the shelving unit) with jars and boxes of my objects.

So – I will tell the story of the wondrous morning a year ago when a combination of low tide and Storm Cara sucked the Thames out into the north sea revealing areas of foreshore that hadn’t seen the air for at least five years. There were two other mudlarks out that day (the rain kept most people away) and we were heady with crazed joy, running about, scooping up revealed objects. I picked up up 170 clay pipes including the longest pipe I have ever found (11 inches), a 17th century apothecary jar and an odd piece of pottery that once contained an 18th century cure for gout from a magical apple tree.

You can join the event on Zoom; go to  You will need to sign up to get the Zoom joining information.


(Tuesday) 19:10 - 19:20(GMT+01:00) View in my time

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