Group Exhibition:  Emma Hambly, Jenny Mellings and Peter Ward

The exhibition is now open in the Garden Room Gallery and continues until February 14.

Join us for a meet-the-artists reception on Friday, 12 January from 18.00 to 19.30.

Exhibition overview:   for Emma, primary themes arise from her interest in life, light and information.  Jenny’s draws from the personal, environmental and political.  Pete follows ever-branching paths inspired by his many years of researching the geology, history and uses of earth pigments found in North Devon.

Emma Hambly’s work represents a more self-reflective period in her art making. Although still retaining her interests in life, light and information, the primary themes in these works revolve around quiet contemplations of what we choose to conserve, personally and collectively, physically and emotionally; the ties that bind us; our adaptability in letting go of old ties to form new ones; transition and translocation; the arbitrary situations that we find ourselves in; growth and healing; human endeavour and potentiality.

Jenny Mellings refers to her work as ‘beyond phenomenological human experience.’ For example, one of these works is an attempt to render more tangible (and perhaps familiar), photographic evidence from a probe falling towards a distant planet. But all this work is also about contemplating such remoteness in relation to current concerns and preoccupations: life on the ground; the personal, environmental and political on and around life on Earth as it is lived by animals, plants and humans. This project is still slowly unfolding for Jenny as rumination on the potential of life on both the hostile un-trodden terrains of other planets, and our own Earth with its fulminating environmental catastrophes and existential struggles

Peter Ward says: “I am no longer sure of what I am doing. But then, quite simply, I am painting. I am putting together objects from materials that I gather locally, materials that are significant to me, that have stories to tell, that connect me to this place and to my being. The objects created are celebrations of this life. They are explorations. Simple, intuitive journeys of making in the here and now.”

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