Karen Lorenz and Kate Walters exhibition My Looking Ripens Things* is on exhibition in the Garden Room Gallery from 12 April to 15 May

Join us for a meet-the-artists reception on Thursday, 12th April from 18.00 to 19.30.

Overview:  Karen and Kate are inspired by their personal and spiritual reactions to the world around them.  Karen is influenced by animism and a long-standing interest in the significance of consciousness to the existence of the universe and of man and our interactions with an inner life.  Kate spends time in wild places (Shetland, Orkney, the Hebrides and in Italian national parks) quietly watching and communing with animals in order to capture the consciousness of their behaviour in her work  Rilke.

Karen Lorenz:  My work explores the human predisposition to animism through a long-standing interest in the spiritual in science, and the significance of consciousness to the existence of the universe in the same manner as the universe is essential to the existence of man.   I work with a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, installation, video and animation, the significance of which is the ambiguity of the surface.

Kate Walters:  I like to be in wild places when I work, walk and research.  Places where the human touch is faint or insignificant can set up resonances within me:  I feel able to receive what hides and nestles there –– quiet, fleeting, shadowy, fine… and always of a very high vibrational frequency… then I can become more open to phenomena and ‘become the hollow bone’.  I find these places on Shetland, Orkney, the Hebrides and Italian National Parks.

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Image:   We Gain a Sense of Solidity (detail) by K. Lorenz,  Sharing One Flesh (detail) by K. Walters
*Exhibition title:  Rilke