Sarah’s Gillespie’s work is incomparable, no more so than her Moth series of mezzotints. This work quite literally takes your breath away. It’s relatively rare to have an opportunity to see Sarah’s work here in the West Country, so if you’re within reach of Green Hill Arts on Dartmoor do try to see this exhibition.

EXHIBITION @ Green Hill Arts

15 July – 25 September 2021

MOTH is an ongoing project for Artist Sarah Gillespie. For the last three years Sarah has been researching, drawing and engraving common English moths to both highlight their dramatic and devastating decline and celebrate their intrinsic beauty and overwhelming importance.

The exhibition will feature all 23 of the resulting mezzotints, including Sarah’s newest and largest piece. Peppered Moth, pictured above with the Artist, measures a monumental 2’ x 3’ – a huge and very contemporary challenge to the centuries-old process that is normally measured in inches and not feet.
PLEASE NOTE:  In the short term the Gallery and Shop will be open weekly, Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm. 
Entry to the Gallery is FREE!

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[image: © Sarah Gillespie: Pale Emerald]