from Atelier Etno:

Dear friends and colleagues,

The theme of this issue of EXPRESSION 29 concerns the images and signs of prehistoric and tribal art illustrating the real and imaginary realm of their makers. They are an immense visual archive to be decoded, representing a world phenomenon that records and memorizes the concepts, facts, and emotions of the moment in which they were made. The theme will have further space in future issues and contributions are welcome. The images survived, but their meaning is often gone and has to be recovered. They are the expressions of events and myths, providing sparks of beliefs and notions of different ages and cultures. These images and signs are the records of the as yet unwritten chapters of the history of humankind. They are there in front of our eyes, we see and describe them, even when we are unable to interpret their meaning.

By trial and error, we may make some progress. Even small details in deciphering what they are conveying help to move forward decoding and understanding.

Please find attached a complimentary copy of EXPRESSION 29. It includes papers and reports, debates and queries, we wish to share with you.

If you are interested to receive future issues, or to submit a paper, or if you wish to be canceled from our mailing list, kindly
let us know.<>.

Cordial regards and best wishes.
Emmnuel Anati
(EXPRESSION General Editor)