Travel information

Travel information

If you’re coming to an event at Dartington you are heading to satnav (postcode) TQ9 6EL

If you are travelling from within the UK, the nearest rail station is Totnes. If you’re coming by car, you can find more information here.

Download the Dartington Estate Map.


from outside the UK

The nearest airport is Exeter. This is quite a small airport mostly serving domestic and European destinations.
There is also an international airport at Bristol.

From Exeter Airport you will take a bus shuttle link to the rail station which is Exeter St. David’s and from there catch one of many trains to Totnes. From Bristol Airport there is a bus shuttle that will take you to the rail station at Bristol Temple Meads. From there catch the service to either Plymouth or Penzance and alight at Totnes. See notes below about purchasing rail tickets from outside the country.

If you’re coming from Heathrow Airport, we recommend you take the Heathrow Express (from T4 or T5) which takes you to London Paddington rail station. From there take the mainline train either to Plymouth or Penzance and alight at Totnes. To book rail tickets from outside the UK we recommend redspottedhanky.  You may be able to book a ticket straight through, but make sure you will be able to pick up your tickets at Heathrow. We recommend buying your Heathrow Express tickets at the airport or on the train, and then picking up your main rail tickets from the machine at Paddington. Pre-booking will be a much cheaper option than purchasing on the day.

When you book a rail ticket to Totnes, you should be able to include the Heathrow Express journey as part of the ticket but you will need to request that specifically. Otherwise you will be routed via London Underground, which takes a long time and involves stairs and/or escalators. You want to avoid that!

We apologise that due to government policy, rail travel in the UK is expensive. The only suggestion we can make is to book as far ahead as possible – although booking is only made available three months in advance.

We haven’t been able to test how many countries works from, so do let us know if you have any problems booking rail tickets.

Reaching Dartington from within the UK


What effect will Brexit have?

As you may know, Britain has voted in favour of leaving the EU – a decision we very much regret and oppose, to take effect in 2019. We feel this decision is highly regrettable and is not at all in the spirit of international co-operation espoused by and by many citizens of the UK. The legislation required to make this happen however has become stalled in the UK Parliament and at this time (May 2018) it is very unclear on what terms, or even whether the UK will leave the EU.

So how might this effect you if you are travelling from outside the UK to an event?

Despite continuing political uncertainty it is possible that the UK will leave the EU on October 31 2019. Travel as a tourist whether you are attending one of our events as a presenter/teacher or as a delegate/student.  If you are currently required to obtain a tourist visa (visit your UK Embassy for further details), then you will likely still require one; if you are currently able to travel without a visa this will most likely continue to be the case for some time to come. 



During the day, you can usually find a taxi waiting at Totnes Station, although this is not guaranteed. Times when there may not be a taxi waiting are 8.00 – 9.15 and 15.00 – 16.40 and late at night.

Happy Cabby Taxis 01803 559292
Totnes Taxis 01803 868686
Taxis Totnes 01803 226657
Station Taxis 01626 330077
Badger Cabs 01803 840400
South West Taxis 07803 126396
South Hams Cabs 07772 744598
And Some Cabs 01803 840009


Parking on site

There is plenty of parking on site. There is a small charge for parking.


Other queries

We’ll try to help, of course, if you contact us. However if you have any questions beyond what is covered here, you’re probably better off consulting a local travel agent than asking us.



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