Quite properly the Trio of Men have decided to offer The William Froude Project online only. We will add further details when available. We have therefore taken the decision to CANCEL THIS FIRST FRIDAY gathering altogether as it does not seem the best time to be sharing food in a communal setting. 

The First Friday in April is unusual in its format because we are featuring good friend and composer Hugh Nankivell together with fellow musician Steve Sowden in a chamber performance called The William Froude Project.

By chamber performance we mean that it is an intimate performance designed for a maximum of 20 people. Thusly we have asked Hugh and Steve to perform the piece twice (thank you both!) in order to accommodate our thriving First Friday community.

So, while the rest of us continue to enjoy lunch, the first group begin their performance adventure at 13.10; the second performance will start at 13.50.  Hugh & Steve would very much like to receive feedback on their piece, so we’re asking everyone to stay around until the second performance is over (just continue lunching!) at around 14.20.

It’s essential that you book your seat at the performance. We’re releasing these tickets now to give the art.earth community a head start before any remaining tickets are opened to the public at large on March 13. 

Our shared First Friday lunch takes place as normal (you don’t need to book, just bring something to share!). Lunch begins at 13.00 and ends after the second performance, around 14.30. We’ll then have an hour for conversation.


The William Froude Project

An audio research performance on William Froude, FRS, exploring more than his globally appreciated nautical endeavours.

William Froude 1810 -1879 was a nautical engineer who changed the face of ship design. He built the first experimental testing tank at his home in Torquay. Municipal musicians Steve Sowden & Hugh Nankivell have been researching Froude these past few years, uncovering far more than expected. Their research has resulted in an audio-piece for communal listening, via headphones. For twenty listeners each performance, who are submerged in a curated world of aural possibilities & fanciful facts.

Each performance lasts approximately thirty minutes.

Directed with Wils Wilson, designed with Nat Palin.

Supported by Southampton University and South Devon College. Funded by Help Musicians.