Join us on April 6 for First Friday

As always, we gather at 1pm for a shared lunch – bring something to share. Around 2, we re-convene for our guest artist talk, this month by Donna Mitchell, hosted by Mark Leahy (who is an Director).

Donna says:

“I’ve come to realize that I am very much a participant in the process of the making, as well as its director, I try not to have a fixed idea in mind when I begin, and I encourage other forces and restrictions to guide how the work progresses.”

Donna Mitchell makes ‘Surrealist Interventions’ in the landscape. These interventions take the form of sculptures, audio descriptions, film, text and maps that deal with the symbiotic relationship of the human and non-human and idea of the Anthropocene.

Her work opens out a narrative both imagined and real of a journey through landscape, inspired by direct physical encounters and the mysterious entwinement of imagination and memory. Among interests spanning expeditions, feeding animals, ritual and the relic she enjoys speculating about companion objects, landscape enhancements, and playing with simultaneous time parallels.

“There is a comparison to be made between the act of composting and the creative process. Material enters in a form, into a dark place into hiding or hibernation, this matter is buried then by passing through some procedure of decay or decomposition is transformed into something new and life giving.”

Donna is currently based on Dartmoor and has shown work at venues including The Royal College Sculpture Studios and Byam Shaw Gallery, London. Recent completed residencies include The Liminal Project, Tap Artists Space, Southend and CMR Project Space Cornwall.