First Fridays are our monthly series of informal artist get-togethers where the conversation may stray from the triassic to contemporary reusable plastics — and just about anywhere in between.The sessions last about an hour and are friendly and informal. Participants come from across the world and are always a mix of ‘regulars’ and new people.

We have a full slate for December, with sharing from Libby Brooks, Yeats McNally, Jane Hodgson, Annelies Egl, and if there’s time after all that Bob Budd will be back with another sharing of work in progress.

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from another participant in Tandem Arts’ Big Draw event.



Annelies says: 

Annelies Egli from Tandem Arts will share an account and images of a Big Draw event she held together with ceramic artist Joanna Espiner in Bristol/Shirehampton in October.
Advertised as ‘Mudlarking’ the free drawing and mark making session was held outdoors, making use of the sheltered facilities at the Lamplighters pub next to the Avon riverside. We used filtered river mud as well as natural inks from elder and blackberries, turmeric and coffee. Tandem Arts Fb link
The be-mittened hand belongs to BigDraw participant Sally Dove, and the mud painting below to 


Jane says :

“I would like to talk with people about how to go about applying for this funding, has anyone done it before? I know there is guidance on the Arts Council website, but first hand help is good. Take a look at this link,,  this is what I am talking about”. 



Libby tells us:

I am a Cornwall-based sculptor. Completing degrees in Sculpture at Chelsea and the RCA back in the 90’s, I took a detour into the business world but in the last few years I’ve passionately followed my heart back to art. Having set up studios and a small bronze foundry where I live near Launceston, I have some new small pieces in progress that have not yet been in the public eye that I would like to share. I would very much appreciate hearing some honest comments on what thoughts, words, images, feelings, emotions come to mind when viewing the pieces and is happy to answer any questions and get into deeper discussion about the works or simply the challenges of being an isolated rural artist!



And Yeats says:

This is an image of the art project for my second chapbook of poetry – Walking in the Rain. I’ll be talking about that and my first one – Night of Trees – and reading a poem or two from those books.


Unusually we will meet in January although not on the first Friday, but the second – January 8. There are still slots available for January and beyond for you to share some work, in idea, a thought…whatever takes your fancy or occupies your mind at the moment. Open it up for discussion with this lively group. If you would like to share (10-15 mins each) just drop us a line.

Watch this space for more updates and information about who will be sharing.