Join us for First Friday on December 6 at Dartington Space from 13.00 until around 15.30. This is not only the last First Friday of 2019 but the last until February 2020. The guest artist this month is Alice Clough who will be sharing some of her recent work.

Alice’s practice has grown from her background in archaeology, anthropology and spiritual ecology. She is fascinated by evolution, turning points, and how we have come to be where we are. She produces sensory ceramic objects, and installations that tend to evoke ancient sites, museum exhibits, or shrines. At First Friday Alice will be presenting part of “Written”, an ongoing research project exploring linguistic and written forms as connective and/or separating forces.  

PS The Lower Drive (that’s the one nearest to Totnes) remains CLOSED for tree management. If you are driving up please allow extra time required to circumnavigate.