Join us on June 1 for First Friday

As always, we gather at 1pm for a shared lunch – bring something to share. Around 2, we re-convene for our guest artist talk, this month by Alain Pezardsnell.

Alain says:

My current approach to creativity is very instinctive and I tend to choose and use material on an initial, intuitive response. Collecting has been a consistent part of my life and has been central to my working practice since my early years at Art school. I have always kept materials and objects as a source of inspiration and a reminder of what was once evocative and important to me. During the course of my MA I have embraced with real fascination the idea of collecting in art and the psychological affects this can have upon us. I have questioned what we understand by collecting, why people collect and how people choose what to collect; what motivates them. I have been experimenting with the notion of appropriation within art and the study of the complex relationship between objects when placed in particular settings. I have been interested in exploring ways to create works which are immersive and interactive using the juxtaposition of one object with another to explore their associations with specific times, people and places.

To find First Friday, head to Dartington Hall and park in the main car park (if you’re coming by bus it will deposit you near the main car park; if you’re coming by taxi ask them to drop you at Lower Close / Space).

Walk DOWN the hill and to the second turn on your right where there is a large banner that says SPACE. Walk to the end of that approach and enter the main building at Reception. Turn to your right and then head up the stairs to the Garden Room.