First Fridays are our monthly series of informal artist get-togethers where the conversation may stray from the triassic to contemporary reusable plastics — and just about anywhere in between.The sessions last about an hour and are friendly and informal. Participants come from across the world and are always a mix of ‘regulars’ and new people.

The artists sharing their work in March 2021 were Carolyn Black, Jan O’Highway and Paeony Lewis.

Chat transcript

Jan O’Highway

After studying painting & printmaking at Guildford College of Art in the late 1950s I branched out into ceramics, textiles and other media, & am now working mostly in fused glass.  Over the years I gradually came to realise that most art materials are toxic, particularly the bright colours I love…what to do about that!!   Wrestling with this uncomfortable knowledge has influenced and continues to shape my work.

Carolyn Black

info to come (and main image above)


Paeony Lewis

Since taking a year off from my Fine Art MA,  I’ve been exploring alternative photographic processes (those which don’t require a darkroom, and often no camera). Alternative photography provides a different way of seeing the natural world; we look closer and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. I’ll be sharing the frustrations and excitement of my experiments.

Instagram @paeonylewis

Unwanted fallen figs – Cyanolumen – Paeony Lewis


DATA PROTECTION NOTE The First Friday sessions are recorded and uploaded to the website as are the contents of the chat window. Please be aware that anything you contribute will be in this public forum.