In this month’s First Friday, sound artists Tony Whitehead and Sarah Grey will be talking about their work in the landscape.

Tony Whitehead is a south Devon based artist interested in animal voice, particularly bird song. He has been involved in listening and sound recording workshops for many years. He also runs the field recording netlabel Very Quiet Records and presents the monthly Radio Warblers show on Sound Art Radio.

On the eve of the third annual Soundart Radio Soundcamp Tony will be sharing with us some thoughts on listening to birds song with some reflections on what birds might be doing, and what we are hearing.

Sarah Gray (a.k.a. Tzara) is an artist, producer and teacher working principally with sound, site and somatics. Sarah trained in Theatre and Choreography at Dartington College of Arts and has worked with Soundart Radio community station since graduating.
For over ten years her research has examines the cultural imbalance she perceives, between visuality and aurally in postmodern society. “Projects such as SoundCamp offers us platform for exploring our relationship to the environment by taking time to listen deeply to this place, and to our selves.”
Sarah’s arts practice is temporal and experiential as explores meditation, improvised movement, automatic writing and mark making as a ritualised process of ‘undoing’. Most of her work takes place on the Dartington Hall Estate, as walks, open air interventions and studio-based performance enquires. She has recently trained in India as a yoga teacher and is a student of Body-Mind Centering©. Sarah is inspired Andrea Olsen’s Body and Earth, Janet Adler’s Authentic Movement and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening practices.

This month we are not in our usual venue. You can find us in Studio 30 in the Hex, which is opposite the old Aller Park school building. Just above the main car park, turn right onto Park Road, then bear right where the road forks. You will find a small car park along this road, and the Hex is on the other side of the street, opposite the old Aller Park school building.