An online course in somatic, spiritual and practical approaches to forest care with practitioners from 30 nations across the world.

Ecological knowledge is placed at the heart and learnings are embedded in ancient traditions of forest wisdom, which can enrich human life in times of ecological and personal crisis.

Our approach to guardianship is grounded on affective ecology, traditional knowledge and spiritual activism. Drawing on these perspectives, as well as an experiential understanding of treescapes across bioregions, you will learn how to develop collective action for green justice.

The work of our world-renowned forest guardians will inspire your everyday and professional lives. Whether you are interested in environmental journalism, communication, activism, eco-art, research, environmental law, advocacy, or simply looking for inspiration, this course is designed to change the way we understand our human relation to forests in an age of ecological crisis

The 16-week course is structured into 7 interactive modules. In each weekly session, participants take part in 2 workshops followed by a group reflection and debate.

The course is held online via Zoom and Mighty Networks from 3 May to 11 August 2021.

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