Phil Smith (Mythogeography/Crabman) has created a Guidebook for an Armchair Pilgrimage with ornithologist and environmental campaigner Tony Whitehead and US photographer John Schott.

The details are all here.

The book is made up of texts and images, arranged in 19 ‘days’, which take you on a journey in the imagination through a real landscape — a journey of crises and discoveries, reflection and immersion, based on the experiences and wanderings of the authors.

The Guidebook takes the model of Felix Fabri who, In the 15th century, used his visits to Jerusalem to write a handbook for nuns wanting to make a pilgrimage in the imagination, whilst confined to their convents.

This contemporary pilgrimage is not a religious one, but it engages with the symbols and traditions of magic and myth that the authors found along their way; it visits many extraordinary spaces that they found along very ordinary streets and lanes.

The Guidebook is an invitation to journey in your imagination through wild dances, hill climbs, urban edgelands, darkness, animal forms, caves, the beach, and rituals ancient & modern rituals.

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