High Water: how would you like to contribute?


Where can I find the time of High Water where I live for March 30?

Most countries publish this information for free; the UK only makes 30-day foreecasts available free and beyond that there is a fee. We have subscribed to a service that will allow us access to tide charts beyond 30 days.

for UK: up to 30 days ahead only tide-forecast.com
worldwide up to 120-days (except UK and possibly other countries) tidetime.org
UK beyond 30 days. ASK US and we will look up your HW for March 30

We probably won't need to contact you, but this should be your preferred main number.

Your contribution

Tell us a bit about what you think you'd like to share. Take as much space as you need.
Choose as much time as you think you might need. We don't want formal presentations or mini-lectures: we want you to speak from the heart even if what you're telling us is highly factual. So you'd better have a good reason for picking 30 minutes!
We'll try to slot you in at your preferred time, or as near to it as we can.
For example, are you thinking about sharing your screen to show us some images? do you have a sound recording to play? Would you like to share a video? Just tick the box and we'll get in touch with you about this.
Instead of (or as well as) sharing your story, is there a particular question or theme you would like to introduce for a general conversation? You might, for example, like to tell us about places where there aren't really any tides, or where tides are particularly extreme.
Whatever your contribution, we'd really like it you were willing to chat to others about it. This means there will be time for a bit of reflection and conversation. But of course we understand if you'd prefer not to do this.

A few permissions

We promise that we won't give or sell your information to anyone else. You are giving us permission keep your details and to contact you occasionally about other projects that may be similar to High Water.
We are making a recording so that we can share some of High Water on our websites afterwards. Read more here
In addition to recording the sessions we are interested in producing a book from the contributions we receive. Of course we won't publish anything without letting you know first, but we'd like to know if you're OK with this in principle. Read more here

Donation (completely optional)

Would you like to make a donation to help cover the costs of this project and the publication. Even though we have a number of partners this project has not received funding.