from our friend Hugh Nankivell:

After many years imagining a project about William Froude, Help Musicians came to our rescue and we began our research late in 2019.

We travelled the country, discussing all kinds of thought-experiments and historical conjecture with wild swimmers, engineers, musicians, visual artists, cold-callers, roman catholic fathers, imperial war museums, university professors, theatre directors, film-makers, sonic collectors, lecturers, historians and dog walkers. We read books and watched films. We entered our details in search engines and tried to be serious. We laughed when we shouldn’t and drank far too much tea. We holed ourselves up in a downstairs library with a bust and a mannequin and tried to shake off our prejudices.

The results of all of this musing and music, making and making-do, pictures and pickling can be found if you look slightly and listen carefully and enter this world with all your senses up. 

Please join us.

In The Testing Tank: Part 1 – Deep Dive

Available from 19.00 GMT on Wednesday May 27th 2020.

Please go to  and follow instructions upon arrival.

We would be very pleased to get your responses at the end as this is a research and development project and have made a link to a survey.