We can make a preliminary announcement that the third keynoter at Borrowed Time this autumn will be broadcaster, medic, and writer Dr Rachel Clarke.

Dr Rachel Clarke is a palliative care specialist within the NHS and is a widely-recognised author, journalist and activist. Formerly a current affairs journalist, Clarke retrained to work as a doctor in 2009. From 2015 she had an active voice in the dispute in the United Kingdom between junior doctors and the government over their contractual conditions of work, appearing in multiple television debates and interviews. Her book about life as a junior doctor was published in 2017. Her publications and films include the best-selling Your Life in My Hands, about life as a Junior Doctor within the NHS. This year she published Dear Life (Little, Brown) exploring end-of-life care and described by The Guardian as a ‘tender meditation on how people confront their final days’.

We are delighted that Dr Clarke will join us for Borrowed Time as we explore ways of living and leaving with grace, dignity and care for ourselves and for the planet. Further details to follow.

image © Laura Gallant