Make do and Mend Soup from Christiane Berghoff

1 onion
¼ celeriac
2 carrots
1 Stalk of a broccoli
1 big slice of a butternut squash
1 leek ( I often use the green parts in soups and use the white otherwise)
1-3 glove of garlic,  to your taste
½ cup of pearl barley



1 vegetable stock cube
3 all spice,  crushed
3 bay leaf
4 cloves
1 tea spoon dried herbs, I use mixed herbs


How to do:

Saute the chopped onion in some oil of your choice until translucent,  not brown.

Peel and chop all root vegetables into small cubes.

Slice leek into thin rings,

Add to the onion and saute for a little while, be careful not to brown.

Add boiling water, so that the vegetables are well covered. Add stock cube and seasoning and the barley.

Let gentle simmer until the veg are tender and the barley cooked.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

You can add pre cooked beans or tinned beans.

I do not tend to liqidise soups, but you could.



I am German and this is a modern, vegetarian adaptation of a vegetable stew based on my Mama’s Barley Stew, which would have been based on a chicken or beef stock.

If you are not vegetarian and like the idea, you boil your chicken pieces or beef bones, with onion, bay leaf, carrots and add the stock instead of the water. And any cooked meat at the end to hear through.

Very nice is also, sausage meat in small balls, just for the last 10 minutes, on top of the soup, so that they cook in the soup.

If you have fresh herbs, it’s nice to sprinkle some fresh chopped before serving.



Christiane xxx