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Once you are logged on, you will automatically receive discounts on items you are purchasing. The price shown will be the discounted price, but you should also see the ‘list’ price shown as well.

In general, there is a 10% discounts on most things; short courses and artwork (in other words, high value items) have a 5% discount.

In some instances, such as concessionary rates, there is no discount.



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However if you have lost your password, just go to your membership dashboard (as above) where there is an option to change your password. Please note that you must be logged out for this to work.

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Member posts

As a member, you can post information to the site here. Please make sure the image is at least 1200 pixels wide.

This can be about anything you want to share with the wider network, so it can be about work you are doing, an exhibition or performance, a bit of news, an article you would like to share, etc.

Although this won’t post automatically, we can usually respond pretty quickly and get your post up on the site where it will appear on the front page under ‘Member Posts’.


Featured Artist of the month

Every month we’ll be featured a member and their work. The Directors are taking it in turns to do this.