July 29 to August 29

During August, Menuhin’s Violin will be installed in the gallery.

This is a new commission from Live Music Now, who say:

Live Music Now have commissioned a collaborative musical-sculptural installation that will celebrate Yehudi Menuhin and his unique legacy in Live Music Now, the organisation he established forty years ago this year.

Composer Richard Barnard and visual artist Heidi Hinder will work with Live Music Now, the Foyle Menuhin Archive at the Royal Academy of Music, Dartington Hall, and schools across Devon to develop this celebration of live performance, creative vision and collaboration, inspired by Menuhin’s life and work.

The project will be an artistic distillation of the history, ethos and current work of Live Music Now:

  • Breaking down barriers between audience and performers
  • Opening up music to more people
  • Enabling people to interact with music and musical instruments in new ways
  • Celebrating live performance
  • Exploring ideas of music and the mind, its effects on memory and health
  • Responding creatively to audience’s reactions and interactions
  • Celebrating Yehudi Menuhin as a performer and recording artist
  • Celebrating Menuhin’s influence and legacy

Audiences will be able to glimpse inside ‘Menuhin’s Violin’ as they listen to a specially composed soundscape, echoing with the memories and music of this world-renowned violinist.