from Natalie Koffman

The project I would like to share is One Seed A Thousand Dreams – The Artists’ Woods

It is a project to buy land and to plant trees. The land and the woodland will become a site for education, conversations, Artist Residencies and Exhibitions. The land and the trees will be protected in perpetuity. The project is conceived as a collaboration. The project is to raise funds to buy the land and trees and to protect them. As soon as enough money is raised, we will buy the land and then raise the money to plant the trees. One Seed A Thousand Dreams connects to the multitude of tree planting and rewilding projects globally and people exploring new ways of relating to the land. 

It is a call to action to be part of the necessary actions that we individually and collectively need to take to mitigate Climate Change and it is also looking to see what else might emerge when we come together as artists and take action. I am looking for Artists who are inspired by this project or who simply want to give back to the earth in some way. A friend said to me yesterday, who has just successfully raised funds for a rewilding project – we owe this to the earth.

I am looking for artists to participate in a number of ways:

  • To gift / donate to One Seed A Thousand Dreams ( Charles Eisenstein talks about new ways of being)
  • To create a small work specifically for One Seed A Thousand Dreams – The Artists Woods 
  • To sell a piece of work in aid of One Seed A Thousand Dreams
  • To join the project – in an advisory or more active fundraising role
  • To share the project with other artists, colleagues, family etc.

The link to the gofundme site and more about the project is here:

My website is

Please let me know what you think and also if there is a better way of presenting this project. 

The image is from a native woodland in Devon that was planted 20 years ago.