Brighid Black

I am an artist, writer and researcher living in rural North East England. I work across a variety of media, including performance, moving image works and assemblages based on my encounters with the land. More recently, my research has focused on subterranean environments. My working process involves walking, gathering video footage and photographs, prints and recording sounds. My research is interdisciplinary. Working with archaeological assemblages, built structures, and landscapes, most recently a Neolithic tomb on Orkney, and a cave site in the North Pennines, my interest in archaeology and prehistoric lifeways encompasses research into contemporary perceptions and narratives around these sites. Evolving from this is speculative enquiry, through performance, into the possibilities for human/non-human exchanges and an expanded understanding of community through ritual. Other influences on my practice include anthropology, geology, botany, mythology, folklore, magic and literature.


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July 18, 2022