Keri Rosebraugh


Keri Rosebraugh seeks to find connections between man and nature, exploring the fragility and strength of our habitat and how humans and the environment affect each other. Influenced by the Arte Povera movement, her artwork explores human’s quest for comfort versus our urgent need for mankind to live mindfully on this planet. Through sculpture, painting, printmaking, video, and installation Rosebraugh seeks to promote a dialogue examining human’s relationship with the earth in a world of urban industrialization and high-powered economies. Her work nurtures a discourse on human existence, its kinship to systems of control, time, and nature. At a period where the need for connectedness and compassion is greater than ever, Rosebraugh’s creations attempt to transcend the memories of the past and the views of the present, by offering a context that facilitates fresh ideas and hope in a future unknown.




Twitter: @kerirosebraugh