Minou Tsambika Polleros

In my work as dance artist and choreographer, I am developing an ecological practice that regards itself as active contribution to what I call a more embodied and delicate activism. The work presented here focuses on my regular practice of moving in different landscapes. It understands itself as a first person poetic that wants to evoke a sense that we are beings stretched beyond our physical boundaries. My work is cultivated as direct response to the growing reality of climate change and the increasingly disrupted social organism. I regard it as antidote to the disembodied and uprooted human being, offering an eco- somatic repatterning of the habitual relationship to place, giving rise to the capacity of a deeper inner and outer home making.

Minou is a Director of art.earth

Website: www.minoutsambika.com

Contact: minoubechtloff@hotmail.com


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January 3, 2018

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