Minou Tsambika Polleros

As dance practitioner, choreographer and climate activist, I am researching the capacity of visceral empathy as essential antidote to an increasing collective disembodiment and separation from what deep ecologists call ecological self. In the context of living in an age where climate change is becoming a physical matter, I am developing different practices for inner and outer homemaking, finding processes that cultivate more literacy in being viscerally empathetic with what is alive in and around us. It is in this sense that I am interested to expand the perspective of the dance practitioner, one who is actively cultivating connective capacities, essential in the endeavour to create a more embodied system change in both environmental and social arenas.

My work as artist is interdisciplinary, whereas the moving body is always locus in my enquiry. I work with photography and I write occasional papers for performance based journals. I teach site-specific choreography and I conduct choreographic laboratories mostly in site-specific environments. I am developing the concept of a podcast in which I am interested to introduce artists, activists and academics who are working in interdisciplinary ways on more expanded definitions of dance, art and ecological practice.<br /> I am currently focussing on a joint Phd research project. I am in process of making an application, interested to collaborate with RANE and with the Social Sculpture Research Unit. Ultimately I am inspired to develop a teaching practice in dance education, one that is looking at the relational field of dance, choreography and the environment.

email: minoubechtloff@hotmail.com
website: www.minoutsambika.com


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February 25, 2017

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