Noel Perkins

Over the years my work has ranged across many disciplines including sculpture (my original training) , dance and movement improvisation, performance, sound and animation. Regardless of the form a core curiousity has been the interconnectedness of all things: body, earth, evolution, people, places, planetary ecologies and human made systems. In recent years I have returned to visual art, primarily drawing. The initial premise was to treat drawing as an improvisational practice adapting some of the approaches I studied in movement to mark making on paper. Through this empty space approach familiar themes began to emerge: the body as creative source and our inter-relationship with the other species that inhabit the planet . As climate crisis and biodiversity collapse accelerates drawing has emerged as a vital tool for understanding and responding to the urgency of our time. Alongside my own practice I have worked extensively in the field of arts for health. I passionately believe in the transformative power of art. I am an associate lecturer at the Peninsula Medical School Exeter and Plymouth where I teach Contact Improvisation and embodied creativity to medical students. I have co-facilitated Dartington Contact Improvisation and have independently taught CI, creative movement and improvisation. I have also acted as an independent producer organising workshops, artist’s labs and events within the arts community.

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October 20, 2020

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