Tessa Grundon

I am an artist. My work is rooted in a sense of place. I use the landscape and history of a place as a starting point for much of my work.

My work is shaped by what I find and am inspired by in a particular place. I work with an amalgam of different materials and artifacts relating to specific geographical locations. I explore and make use of elements of the landscape, including looking into the area’s history, geography and topography. My process usually starts with a great deal of foraging, research, experimentation and poring over maps during which time many ideas take form. I usually make use of the local muds and various colored earths, local vegetation, found objects, nearby beekeepers (for me beeswax is a distillation of a place and time), aerial images, anything else that draws me. I am also beginning to explore gathering sounds and images as part of the documentation process.

email: tessa20@mac.com



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March 16, 2017

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