Tom Ingate

Most of the work I do is practice-based research that has been presented at conferences or exhibitions. I’ve recently completed Escape & Invasion, which is a collection of six images that have been generated using large one metre soil sensors. Airborne seeds germinate in the sensors and I use photography to document the growth and competition between these plants. So far the work only exists on my site and Instagram, but It’s gaining a steady audience and I’m searching for an appropriate context to exhibit in.

The newest piece of research is using Instagram to encourage community curation of archive images and current documentary work. Although not firmly within an art and environment setting it will hopefully provide a new visual history of the Kennel Valley from the height of the industrial revolution when it powered the gunpowder works, the mills and workshops to the current relationship people have with the river, the changed communities and the personal stories.</p>



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February 25, 2017

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