In the summer of 2018 produced a special event for the Centre for Contemporary Art & the Natural World (CCANW), Yatoo (S. Korea) and Science Walden (S. Korea). This extraordinarily beautiful and art-rich book is the result (and is only available in print form). The book is available now in our bookshop.

The Ephemeral River was the UK’s contribution to Yatoo’s Global Nomadic Art Project. In June 2018 we assembled 15 artists from across the globe to spend 9 days living with and being with the River Dart on the Dartington Hall estate. This book represents some of the outpouring of creative responses that resulted from the residency.

Much of the work that evolved during the week was not in print form, so this publication can only partially represent the flavour of the work that emerged. However the book contains link to video and sound files represented here as still images.