from our friend Mark Goldthorpe at Climate Connections:

ClimateCultures editor Mark Goldthorpe introduces a new feature — with thanks to one of our members, artist Jennifer Leach, whose conversation first sparked off the idea that has quickly become Quarantine Connection!

With the Covid-19 pandemic reshaping the way we lead our lives — at home and in the world, as artists, curators or researchers — many of us are rethinking how we adapt, what we offer our communities, and how we can best tap into our support networks. In this new social environment, we’re all getting used to keeping a physical distance while looking to maintain and enhance our connectedness. And we’re all looking for the end of this terrible illness and its risks, while at the same time feeling painfully aware that any ‘return to normality’ should offer ways to address our environmental perils anew and not just perpetuate the ‘business as usual’ that’s deepening our ecological and climate predicaments.

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