September 5-9 • Dartington

These are the times to let our knowings die, to devour our certainties and to surrender our identities as a generative act. Vulture Wakes are opportunities to observe, gather around and get intimate with the practices of modernity that have been causing the trouble.  

This lab is a call to artists, researchers, community leaders and facilitators to gather, an invitation to turn and face the inescapable themes of breakdown and demise that now confront us, and to listen for what might be wanting to emerge. Embodied and experimental, Vulture is an ongoing research project from The Emergence Network that takes the movements and participation of these great birds as metaphor, score and research modality.

Vulture offers a different shape of hope: hope not in solutions or saviours but in the smell of soil, the movements of insects, and the intense beauty of seeing each other dance at the edge of things.

Toni Spencer is an artist and facilitator, and a Curator with The Emergence Network. She is founder of ‘the pause’, a Deep Adaptation practitioner and has worked regularly with organisations such as Schumacher College, St Ethelburga’s, Encounters Arts.

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[Vulture image is courtesy Sean Briggs