Sentient Performativities: thinking alongside the human

July 3-7 2022, Dartington Hall, UK

Deadline for proposals: Sunday, January 16, 2022 (23.00 GMT/UTC+0.00)

The 2022 symposium investigates somatic practices and how they can foster embodied ecological awareness and communication between the human and other than human worlds. Traditionally somatic practices are most pertinent in dance and movement disciplines, rooted in the humanist perspective and primarily focusing on emancipating introception (the body as experienced from within). Current thinking suggests that such practices, while having the human self at the centre, can also highlight the reciprocal relationship between the self and the environment. Sentient Performativities: Thinking Alongside The Human will revisit our entanglement with the natural world from a felt perspective and bring together multiple fields of thought, practice and research that share embodied approaches to bridge the human, plant and animal divide.

As with all symposia, we invite a broad spectrum of practitioners, fields and disciplines into an open space where we can explore common interests and diverse practices. Such diversity also encourages new approaches, multifaceted formats and modes of presentation.