The Home & The World 2012 (a creative summit) was a gathering place for people who are concerned about the world around them and are learning how to respond creatively to the challenges, joys, and profundity of the world.  This arts summit explored both home and world – literally, existentially, symbolically, metaphorically and through many many lenses.

As a small arts organisation based in rural southwest England, the producers (Aune Head Arts) attempted to marry the academic conference model with that of an arts festival.  More than fifty artists from across the globe presented – sometimes in person, but also sometimes through virtual link-ups.  Through the power of the internet we will visit Hong Kong, and numerous sites across north America (and save a few carbon emissions as we do so).  We are proud and delighted to host this event – in so doing sharing with you our home here at Dartington.

Since the 1920s, Dartington has been the home of new ideas, utopian modelling, great art and free thinking (and, of course, endless controversy).  We hope we this event made a contribution to that rich history.

The summit was convened by Dr Richard Povall and produced by Aune Head Arts.


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