The stories we live by – an online ecolinguistics course

WELCOME: Welcome to The Stories We Live By, an online course in ecolinguistics funded by the University of Gloucestershire for public benefit.

FREE: Everything in the course is free, including accessing the materials, registering, tuition from International Ecolinguistics Association volunteer tutors, and a certificate of successful completion.

START RIGHT NOW: You can work through the nine parts of the course at your own pace, and register any time to access discussion groups, tuition, and additional materials and apply for the certificate.

TEACHERS: Please feel free to use any of these materials in your own classes. You can adapt them as you like and use them for any purpose.  

WHAT’S THE COURSE ABOUT? The social and ecological issues that humanity currently faces are so severe that they call into question the fundamental stories that societies are based on. Ecolinguistics provides tools for revealing the stories we live by, questioning them from an ecological perspective, and contributing to the search for new stories to live by. The course examines a wide range of texts from advertisements, lifestyle magazines and economics textbooks to surfing guides, Native American sayings and Japanese animation. In each case, the question is whether the stories that underlie texts encourage us to care about people and the ecosystems that life depends on.

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