from our friends at Triarchy Press


Last month I asked our authors for their thoughts, hopes, suggestions, fears, proposals about how the world might look after the Coronavirus pandemic… and what we might do to bring about necessary change.

I’ve assembled some of them on our website, including one that arrived recently from author/walker Phil Smith. Drawing on his reflections as he’s walked around Plymouth in recent weeks, it speaks of the body, essence, mortality and separation.

I was touched by it and wanted to share it. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, I recommend it. You’ll find his short essay on Thinking with Uncertainty here, Ernesto Pujol’s essay on the Heroic here and others on our Whatever Next? page. They include essays on the rise of the introvert, money and being President of the World Health Organisation.

But here’s a glimpse of Thinking with Uncertainty:

“By honouring death when it comes, rather than fruitlessly seeking to put it off forever, we might recognise how it reconnects our bodies to everything else. Then our guiding human impetus is not Progress but Fold; rather than ever going upwards, we go back into the world, under the forest, racing along the rhizomes. Not ascension but reconnection. To die, when we are fortunate to avoid accident or trauma, can be an act and an art, and to do it well is to escape a philosophical millstone that drags us apart from our body and from the world.”

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Carey