from our good friend Camilla Nelson:

I am delighted to be co-curating “Writing Bodies,” the third event in the fantastic performance series, SLANT, with the wondrous Iris Colomb.

To be part of the event on 21st and 22nd of March please submit to the open call or tune in to our live-streaming links.

Language can sometimes feel immaterial. Writing, in particular, can seem static or disembodied. Through performance we unfurl, propel, project words into the world, devising new language dynamics with and through our bodies as diversely political and plurally gendered sites. How can language move through a body? How can a body move through language?    

SLANT’s third event, ‘Writing Bodies’ will be a live-streamed exploration into the moving body and its role in language creation, investigating the word-producing body as a site of origin, support or obstruction.

We seek proposals for 5 to 15-minute performances exploring the performative interaction between body and text in any way the practitioner(s) sees fit.

Deadline: 13th of February 2021, 5pm.