Nature Art Cube Exhibition of Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale 2021


The Korean Nature Artists’ Association ‘YATOO(野投)’ is an art organization which was founded in 1981, and has developed as a field-oriented nature art movement focusing on free expressions with installation, drawing, and performance. It is an art organization which has clear history and identity with the view of nature that we should comply with the order of nature and try to harmonize with it, and it has tried to express such a view through various means of modern fine art.

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale is an important event of the YATOO nature art movement with the history of 40 years. The biennale is a global project from Korean and foreign nature artists, and the forms and contents of biennale have become increasingly meaningful over time. 

The Nature Art Cube Exhibition ‘12×12×12+Nature’ of Geumgang Nature Art Biennale is designed to make artists contain their ideas on nature and expressive styles within the fixed cube of 12cm in width, length, and height. The Nature Art Cube Exhibition, which began in 2017 as part of nature art movement, will be an event where nature artists from across the world can share their artistic messages on nature.

Environmental pollution, ecological disturbance, abnormal climate and global warming we are experiencing now are the global issue all the humans in the world should face and find solutions. Plus, rapid development of digital culture makes people become more isolated from one another and difficult to communicate with one another.

In this context, this Nature Art Cube Exhibition ‘12×12×12+Nature’ displaying unique concepts, materials, expressive methods and visual messages of artists participating the exhibition will be a chance we are reminded of the meaning of ‘nature’ we always enjoy the benefits of, but easily forget preciousness of. It will be the space of reflection where we can communicate with each other and share our thinking through a special theme called ‘nature art’. – Lim Soomi (Artistic Director of Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2020)


■ Exhibition Period: August 28 – November 30, 2021

※ The exhibition schedule may change depending on the circumstance of COVID-19.

■ Exhibition Venue: Geumgang Nature Art Center

■ Exhibition Details
– A three-dimensional work of 12x12x12cm cubes in the theme of ‘nature’.
– There are no limitations on the material or expression in the cube form.
※ The existing artworks will continue to be exhibited along with new works.
■ Conditions
– It conforms to 12x12x12cm standard and does not leave the form of the cube.

– It must be able to be safely shipped or posted, and postage fees are individual responsibility.

– Exhibited artworks will not be returned, but belong to Geumgang Nature Art Biennale for permanent and traveling exhibitions.
– A catalog which includes exhibited artworks will be sent to participants, and issuing a certificate of participation is available.
– Existing participants may re-participate.
– If the submitted artwork does not meet the specifications or the purpose of the exhibition, the artwork may be rejected.
– Exhibited artworks may be discarded after notifying the artist if serious damage occurs over time.


■ Submission Period: April 1 – June 30, 2021

■ Submission Material

– Application form (attached)

– Artwork images (more than 1 image / front view for display is compulsory)

– Artist CV

– Artwork (by post)

※ Please pack your artwork safely as it can be damaged in the process of delivery.


■ How to Apply

– Application / CV / Artwork images: by email (
– Artwork: by post
– Location to post an artwork:
Geumgang Nature Art Biennale Organizing Committee
(32530) 98 Yeonmisangogae-gil, Useong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea
[Korean Address] (32530) 충남 공주시 우성면 연미산고개길 98 금강자연미술비엔날레


■ Hosted by: Gongju City

■ Organized by: Korean Nature Artists’ Association-YATOO

■ Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Chuncheongnam-do

■ Contact
– Tel. +82-41-853-8828 / E-Mail.

– Web. /


※ The Nature Art Cube Exhibition is free of charge as a venue for local community culture and art enjoyment and education for children.