One-to-one mentoring

Sometimes there is no substitute for a one-to-one mentoring session to help unblock a stuckage. Sometimes this can be provided by a friend, a fellow artist, even a family member. Sometimes it’s good to call in some impartial help.

If you’re the kind of artist interested in this site, or if you are a member, you are likely to find the mentoring we offer relevant to your practice. Through mentoring is provided by Richard Povall but could also be offered by other members of the team (please contact us).

Richard Povall is an artist, producer, researcher and educator. More than thirty years of practice as an artist, and decades of practice as a researcher and producer mean a lot of skills are brought to the table. So in addition to helping with questions around your creative work, Richard can also help with issues around how to run your business as a professional artist, keep the tax man happy, organise yourself, and set yourself up as a sole trader. Sometimes you need to take the next step and form a legal company with others. Richard can advise on this, too.

You can read his CV here.


If you’ve been involved in activities you’ve probably got a sense of how Richard operates, the kind of thing he’s interested in, and his generally supportive interest.

If you’re an member, you will be able to claim your discount if you are logged in.



One-to-one career advice for artists: (sessions last approx. 2 hr per person) are £80.

Sessions can happen anywhere in the UK, mileage will be charged at 45p a mile.



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