Aurora Sciabarra

I am a visual artist interested in social, ecological and philosophical studies. I studied painting in Palermo, Italy, and in 2010-12 I did a Master of Fine Arts in Cambridge. I work primarily with installation and painting. Research is necessary for the development of my works, insofar it helps me to conceptualize my subject matter. My recent work focuses on environmental concerns, on the effects human ways of living have on the environment. The constant consumption and production of goods and the depletion of natural resources creates a schizophrenic society: where ecological changes occur due to the human beings insatiable activity of consuming and in doing so they also compromise the natural resources (soil, water, sea, forest Etc.) they survive on.

Gilles Deleuze wrote: “The peculiar character of schizophrenic machines derive from their putting together elements in play that are disparate and foreign to one another.” (The Two Regimes of Madness) Since the Fordism, the environments have been populated by consumer goods on a massive scale. In the 70’s Baudrillard talked about the existence of a third realm co-habiting with human beings and the Earth: that of objects (The Formal Liturgy Of The Object).

Since then, we have witnessed the implication of their presence on the planet. The profusion of objects, stripped by their history and effect on the rest of the ecosystems, has constructed life as we know it (labour-freer, more sociable, more accessible). It has also given us a cargo full of rubbish, both physically and metaphorically.

We live in an era of mass extinction and rapid ecological changes, to reflect on the kind of life one lives appears to be as common as inevitable. It appears inevitable to question the anthropocentric vision of the world. Recently, I have been exploring concepts of (created by Deleuze and Guattari) multiplicity, rhizome and milieu[s]: as a way of understanding the fullness of the place all living things live, that is, ekos, or ecology, as supposed to nature, as they offer an understanding of life where all the living organisms on Earth have a part play, without which the consequences on the ecosystems may affect life (I refer to the concept of the butterfly effect. My most recent works display unrelated realities joined together.

More precisely, I connect human-made objects with the natural elements as I want to re-present to my viewers the co-existence of opposite realms close to one another. In doing it, I want to shine a light on the implications and the effect of such closeness. The use of natural materials, such as beeswax, next to human-made ones (latex or chemical fertiliser Etc.) is pivotal to stress the co-existence of the two realities. ell us something you and your practice. We are a community and others are interested in what you do. So feel free to send us as much text as you like.

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February 3, 2021