Bursary places are not generally available, but access to register as a bursary steward are offered to those who are deemed eligible. 

Bursary Steward registration costs are significantly reduced in exchange for you contributing time to support the event.  You will be allocated approx 10 hours of stewarding across the three days of the event.  When drawing up the rota we take into accounts sessions in which you are giving a presentation or leading a workshop, and/or any workshops you’ve booked to attend.   

Stewarding duties are not onerous, you’ll be able to participate and listen to any sessions that you’re asked to steward.  You will also be given a short shift to support the production team, either over part of one of the lunchtimes, a break or at registration.   

We would not normally expect to offer bursaries to someone in full-time employment, rather reserving them for independent artists and researchers. We do realise however that full-time employment does not necessarily mean you are able to afford the full cost of attending one of our conference events.


Stewards Briefing

You need to attend at least one briefing meeting and one rehearsal on Zoom.  Cat Radford will let you know when the meetings are happening by email when she send you your stewarding roles.


Your responsibilities

We ask stewards to work two or three sessions, or perhaps help out with the registration desk on the first day. Steward Registration is £20. If you are one of the small number wishing to be based at the Dartington site this does not include accommodation.

We are still finalising details of roles for digital stewards but they will require a computer with internet access and a mobile phone with WhatsApp installed. You will be asked to monitor sessions and collate questions and/or flag any problems. As monitor we may also give you the access to end a session suddenly if it hijacked by a spammer.

Being a digital steward requires some familiarity with Zoom but we will also provide some training.

Hopefully the sessions we ask you to work will be sessions you would be choosing to attend anyway (although we can’t completely guarantee this).


General information

You will find general information about coming to Dartington here.


Taking your duties seriously

Unfortunately a few people who are given the opportunity to attend our events as a Steward don’t feel they have to take their responsibilities seriously.  If you fail to turn up either for a Briefing Meeting and/or to your assigned duties we retain the right to ask you to leave or to pay as a full delegate. When you register as a Steward you are agreeing to abide by this rule.