Elli Lestas

I am a British artist based in Cyprus. I live and work in a Mediterranean climate,deep in the countryside, surrounded by trees and wildlife. I reconnected with my art practise after a long break, during which time I was working with plants especially seeds. Seeds have been an ongoing interest and feature strongly in my work.

I remain actively open to my surroundings and experiences, documenting them by memory and with my camera, then staying equally open to drawing or painting. By allowing a response to the experiences to emerge without preconceptions, my drawings are abstract, often geometric, mainly circular and respond to the natural environment where I live and work. Influences include seeds ,bird songs, weather patterns, geology,stones, insects, reptiles and roots. The uncertainty of Quantum Mechanics has been a key area of interest and other sciences like nature\\\’s resonance, fractals, patterns and formations. I am trying to understand where creative energy comes from and what is happening during the process of making art.

The drawings have an ethereal quality because because I respond to the influences by working from the inside, allowing randomness and imperfections to remain. Formations on the paper happen naturally, reflecting the things I have seen or heard and take on a physical form through drawing and other art disciplines. My current series of work consists of photographic composites that I create digitally by combining images of my photographs with images of my drawings. The final composites are printed by photographic processes and made into art objects.

Website: https://www.ellilestas.com



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December 5, 2017