Hilary Kneale

As artist, I entwine installation, drawing, performance, eco somatic practice and shamanism to bring out intimate works as prayer and as call for remembrance. ‘I look out far…… to where my eyes see nothing, far out to where my eyes see nothing…..look out look out… see where the strings come together distant distant far away into the time before. The strings shiver the strings shiver shiver… shimmer, the strings are far away they come here now, always now, the strings are far away they are here now……… the strings……. Shimmer……’ words spoken through the drawing ‘Horizon of Agnes Martin’.

I am an independent, interdisciplinary artist, somatic practitioner, published writer, educator, guardian of Vision Fast and healer, living within my own quest to remember the true nature of interrelatedness. My work emerges through body within the natural landscape and includes writing, drawing, performance and ritual, supported by a deep listening amongst the ancient stories held deep within the earth. With a background in education, fine art and movement, and in particular training over many years to embody and develop practices with support of the work of Helen Poynor www.walkoflife.co.uk and working with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre www.northerndrum.com, I both inhabit and teache ways of opening the body, heart, mind and spirit, calling in healing and balancing of human and other realms.

I am based in Devon UK.

Connemara Coat


Website: www.hilarykneale.com

email: hilarykneale@gmail.com

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January 24, 2022